Sunday, June 3, 2012

Must Read Books

The refined college graduate knows that learning does not stop after college and reads at least one book a month.

This is a list of good books for the refined college graduate.
  1. This book is a great starter that covers just about every topic in personal finance. It is a must read for all refined college graduates who did not major in business, accounting or economics. This is the best book to start with because it makes finance easy to understand. After reading this book you will be a finance wiz. 
  2. This is a great read for all the entrepreneurial minded refined college graduates. This book will completely change the way the college graduate thinks about money. MJ DeMarco is brutally honest and motivates readers to start their own businesses.  
  3. A throwback classic. From one of the best investors ever, the former Fidelity fund manager Peter Lynch. Some of the information is a little dated but Peter has a no nonsense method of finding stocks. 
More books to follow but these are three great starters. 

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